Thursday, 24 June 2010

Craft Room door hanger (back)

This is the back of the Door hanger (a request for a coffee) which works from time to time if OH passes and remembers to look!!! The background is done as before with TH inks, stensils and Sizzix dye. The bird stamps are two from a number I recently made for a project I did on a print making course. The same Judi Kins cube and finished off the same way with paper flowers and jewels.


  1. What a fab Idea Liz - I am lucky the craft room is next door to my Sis Amys room and she always brings me a drink about 9-30 if I am in there :0) Love the colours and the stamping xx

  2. Love your door hanger, not sure my OH would notice, but its a super idea.