Wednesday, 6 June 2012


Hello folks I'm back blogging.
 I hope you have all had a good Jubilee weekend?
 I worked on Saturday which was fun with Becky.
 Then off on Sunday which was a family day.
 Monday and Tuesday in work, which was good.
 It is not many people who can go to work and play. 

With it being the Jubilee weekend I decided to do a Red White and Blue demonstration.
So for my WOYWW I am going to show you some of the cards I produced using
 Indigo Blu stamps and some Anita's promotion stamps.

watch this space for photos 
Blogger has scrambled them
and are investigating for me

Have a great day everyone whatever you are doing


  1. Hi Lizzybobs, the post you have put up is an April one, you may want to change to this one! I left you a message on the other post! Happy WOYWW, Anne x #24

  2. Hi Liz, look forward to seeing the photos, hope you had a lovely birthday too xx