Wednesday, 4 April 2012

WOYWW Box Clever

Hi I have not been to WOYWW or blogging for a few weeks, but just thought I would share a project with you that I made a few weeks ago.

If you have not been to my blog before, Welcome. If you are wondering what WOYWW is. If you have not already been to this blog then pop over to Julia’s stamping ground and see what everyone is talking about, and visit some fantastic peoples work from all around the world.

I got this box at an ATC meet and fund raiser last August.
At the time I did not know what I was going to use it for
or what I was going to do with it.

I hope you like what I did?

Using Tim Holtz tissue tape I covered the box.
I then coloured the box with a selection of Distress Inks
and then decorated it with stamped images which I think look great.

My distress inks look great in it too.


For a few weeks now I seem to have lost my MOJO.

So with this in mind, I thought instead of my Distress Inks
being hidden away in the box.
I decided to have a tidy up in my craft
space and make some storage for my ink pads
and distress stains.

Next to each ink pad is a piece of blending foam with the
name of the ink printed with my label maker.

The shelves are made from some Ikea CD racks I bought a while back.

So now I just need to find my Mojo and get back to crafting. So this is

what is on My work space this week ZILCH.

I do hope my MOJO will come back this week.

I will let you know next week.

Thank you all for popping by I hope you have a great week



  1. wow, that is an amazing collection of inks, pads and stains. and your storage is such a good idea! hope the tidy up brings your mojo back! happy WOYWW, happy Easter and thanks for sharing!
    blessings and hugs from #19
    peggy aplSEEDS

  2. Lovely altered box and great method of storing all those ink pads! I hate wasting time searching for stuff...
    Hugs, LLJ ~7 xx

  3. Now that set of shelves is what I call being organised. looks good. Your box alteration is gorgeous.
    Yvonne x

  4. Wow this looks awesome, fantastic idea especially to put the foam next to each ink pad. Altered box is lovely also.
    Hope you find your mojo real soon.
    Have a great day.
    Sandra N092. x

  5. Oh Liz I need you to come and organise me too. Great box. Thanks for sharing and have a super Easter.

  6. Love, Love, Love the altered box Fabulous x x and I love what you have done with the storage of these inks, you clever girl, I'm sure Mr Mojo will return with all these fab inks around you!! Happy Easter, Hugs May x x x x No11

  7. Hi I'm back again I am your new follower, x x Hugs May x x x

  8. Well, while your Mojo's down, at least you've been creative in other ways!! WoW, that storage is impressive. Labelling the pads is pretty impressive too..go you! You'll be so grateful that you did this when your Mojo kicks in!!

  9. That's super storage! Take care, & enjoy peeking at the WOYWW desks this week. Zo xx 78

  10. thats just gorjuss, love the box and what you have done, thanks for the snoop

    Judie xx no 121

  11. Hi Liz, long time no desk visit - not sure why I haven't been your way for so long, hope the inspiration comes back soon - it may just be you needed a break, and a new experiment is about to spring forth...
    Dx @ 80

  12. Great looking box, and all those Distress pads - that is some collection (I have 5). Thank you for popping in today. Have a good Easter. xx Maggie #9

  13. Your box is lovely, and your shelves, wow! Will keep an eye out for your mojo . . . mine may be with it . . .

    Happy Easter to you,

  14. Fabulous box - very jealous of your organsation!!


  15. Hi Liz
    I loved your box when I saw it at Beamsley. And I love your ink storage. I know from experience that your Mojo will come back, But while you are waiting, just be glad of what you have created. I am supposed to be creating a DT project tonight but nothing is coming together!! Perhaps my mojo has gone on holiday with yours!!
    Hope you have a good Easter.
    Siobhan x

  16. Hi Bobs!! Love your box and your storage solutions. You can't get those CD racks from IKEA anymor which is a real nuisance as I wanted some for my craft room. I have put little labels on all my distress ink pads as well - only trouble is I keep putting them back on the shelf the wrong way round so I still have to rummage! If you've got no mojo wanna do a challenge using those new stamps? Let me know!! Cindy #67

  17. I love what you have done to the box. I thought it might have love letters or other trinkets inside, but Distress Inks are way more exciting. I like the CD racks with the pads and corresponding foam pad right there. Is it really a CD rack or a cassette rack? I have an old cassette rack I keep my inks on. It is hard to find those things these days. Sorry your mojo has gone on holiday. It is probably on some beach somewhere with my mojo picking up seashells.

  18. Excellent organisation and that box is gorgeous, I love how you decorated it x
    Sophie no.71

  19. the cd thinks I've got to get me one of those! LOL ;)
    xoxo Sioux

  20. Love what you did to the box - it's amazing what a little paper and ink can do. Impressive collection of ink that you have there. dani133

  21. Hi
    You have done an amazing job on your organisation of DI's.
    Love the box.I hope your muse comes back.

  22. Phew - thank goodness I hit the right blog of yours.
    Love your storage - what a brilliant idea - I would not have thought the pads would fit in - obviously they do. Mmmm can feel a spend coming on.
    Love your decorated box.
    Thanks for sharing and Happy Easter. Neet #10 xx

  23. Fabulous storage and love your decorated box. I have tried to email you, would you still like the Unity stamp? If you email me your address I will send to you. Tracy x

  24. LOVE your box it does really look great and I am sure your mojo will find it;s way back when you least expect it.

    Claire #85

  25. Ohhhhh WOW!!!! Liz that is a beautiful idea. Might encourage me to do something with mine now!! I've had it since our holiday in France last June!!!
    Shame Ikea don't do the racks any more though :(
    Thanks for sharing x x x

  26. here's to looking for lost mojo's, your craft area is amazingly neat, my craft table is like a mound of bits and bobs, and gets tidied only when stuff starts falling off the edges! Your box is fab. well done

  27. I'm must be thick I can't find your comment box!! This one will do, your box is fab, I can't believe I missed it!Happy WOYWW
    ((Lyn)) at #64

  28. I think you might have put up the wrong post but I still enjoyed looking at your beautiful box and your storage. Happy WOYWW Week 157 - Anne x #24

  29. well i reckon your and mine mojos are on
    fab storage
    have a fab crafty week
    kay #52

  30. Wonderful ink storage! I love upcycling and making something new. Regarding your mojo...I just saw this video of a talk given by Ira Glass about beginner creative types. Sorry I don't know the link, but if you get a chance to look it up (I believe it was on Vimeo) it is wonderful!

    Happy WOYWW!

    Angi ♥#73

  31. oh, I hope that your mojo comes back, because your inner Creative Me is SO crafty! Love the way that the box turned out! Great storage too! Thanks for sharing. Have a great WOYWW! -Amanda x75

  32. Love the ink storage and soooooo many of them.. I hope Mr Mojo returns home soon, maybe he went to London for the jubilee and is on his way home as we speak... Hugs May x x x#34

  33. Oh, I love what you did with the box!!! Very cool. And look how organized you are. Sometimes just sitting amongst all our crafty things brings back our mojo - I hope yours makes an appearance real soon!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay #114

  34. Fabulous box, love the decoration. Happy WOYWW!

  35. Love your altered box. Great organisation. Hope you get your craftiness back
    Famfa 96

  36. Both your storage solutions are fantastic, really hope you mojo returns soon.

    Brenda 94