Wednesday, 1 June 2011

2 years of WOYWW

Hello my blogging friends. I did not think I would be able to get here today as lots has happened to me this last week. Some good and some bad the good was that I got my contract from my new job – I have been there 3 months where did that go!!!! The bad was that although I was supposed to be staying on at my old firm until September, last week I was told on Thursday that I would not be needed after Friday oh well at least it means that I will have more time to blog and do some crafting.

On my desk today is one of my latest Liverpool themed paintings I hope you like it, it took me 5 hours to paint, it is watercolour and pen .

If you have not been to my blog before, Welcome. If you are wondering what WOYWW is. If you have not already been to this blog then pop over to Julia’s stamping ground and see what everyone is talking about, and visit some fantastic peoples work. Today WOYWW is 2 years old I have not been here very much this year but I do hope to be around a bit more in blog land. HAPPY BIRTHDAY WOYWW.


  1. Happy WOYWW 2nd Birthday. It's so lovely to be linked up with so many creative friends. Happy crafting.
    A x

  2. Hi Liz, I believe if I've got this right that you are my Pif recipient, you can contact me with your address details at

    I love your watercolour painting and the atmosphere you've created. Not an easy medium to work with but you've worked wonders with it.
    Kathleen x

  3. Wow pal - your talents are limitless - This is stunning!

  4. This is so good Bobs,Ferry Across the Mersey is one of my all time favourite songs and you just took me back,you sellings these works of art?, luv hugs, Georginaxx

  5. What an amazing piece of art! You are so talented. I think it's good you get a bit of time for crafting before you start your new job!
    Rebecca xx

  6. Hiya Liz! Happy WOYWW! I can't see a link to your e-mail address anywhere on your blog or profile to send you my snail mail so you can post your Pif to me! Can you e-mail me (it is on my profile page)here.
    This is fun ;)
    xoxo Sioux
    Sorry but I am not comfortable with posting my address here within the comment. Hope you understand.

  7. You have had a really mixed week, but I love your latest painting! Happy WOYWW

  8. Great painting. Hope things work out for you. Happy WOYWW 2nd anniversary.

  9. OOOO it's absolutely fabulous and you are so talented... have a great week

  10. I’m making a special effort to get around everyone as it’s a special week this week.

    Wow Liz, your painting is fabulous.
    I admire people who can paint because there’s nowhere to hide and it’s all down to you, at least with making card you just arrange and stick.

    Happy WOYWW 2nd Anniversary and …………….
    Happy Crafting!

  11. Gorgeous painting there - wish I could paint like that!
    Happy WOYWW!

  12. what a fabulous painting , Liz .
    Have a great week and thanks for sharing
    Anne x

  13. Hello Treacle - hows you, long time no speak x

    Happy 104th WOYWW -

    Happy Creating xx

  14. Liz it's a gorgeous painting, and yes, good news for us that you will be blogging more often..
    I do Hope work comes your way when you want and need it,

    Happy 104,


  15. Happy 2nd WOYWW anniversary!
    Hugs Marleen :-)

  16. Not made it to you before but love the painting. Never got that talent - card making is much easier, if it goes wrong you just cover it up with something else.
    Happy WOYWW.
    x Tricia

  17. Wow that is a stunning painting - sorry to hear you job comes to an end sooner that expected - but good that you have your contract for the new job ~ Happy WOYWW Anniversary

  18. That will look amazing framed

  19. beautiful water color/pencil drawing. Happy #104-2nd Anniversary of WOYWW Thanks for sharing. Vickie #55

  20. wow your painting is fabulous
    talent I could only dream of!
    Happy #2 WOYWW anniversay xxx

  21. WOW that is some gorgeous painting!!!
    Keep smiling and creating, well done indeed

  22. Your painting is stunning.
    Happy WOYWW

    Carol C

  23. Mixed blessings over the job - but hey - s long summer in front of you!! Love the ferry pic - you really are unleashing your inner artist.