Thursday, 17 March 2011


Hello everyone out there in blog land - I have not been around for a few months SORRY - lots going on at work and things, but hope to be back on blogging in a week or so - got my last A Level Art module exam starting on Monday 21st March and once that is out of the way I will have some more time to craft. Thank you all for your patience - off to Harrogate this Sunday to do an Art From The Heart workshop sooo looking forward to spending some quality time with my daughter, even if it is only for a few hours.
Anyway folks have a lovely weekend whatever you do. (((((HUGS)))))


  1. Aww love am gutted to miss you x They (work)put me down to to a late (2-30 - 10.30)sleep over Sunday or I would have been going then too its going to be manic I just know it! I know without doubt you will love Dys workshop as will Anna and you get a fab goodie bag and discount on purchases too so it ends up the workshop is free LOL. Have fun my lovely friend xx Janet

  2. Know you and Anna will love it. (Jealous) Nice to see you popping your head up above the parapet. Sending hugs. Caz

  3. Hi Bobs, lovely to know you're ok, have fun at Harrogate and try not to spend too! ((((hugs)))) Carol xx

  4. Hi Liz, great to see you back. Was about to text you; which I've been meaning to do all week; but thought I'd check first to see if you'd blogged. I know you'll have a great time today doing one of Dyan's workshops. I didn't go to Harrogate this time 'cos I'm off to the NEC next weekend - not for Hobbycrafts though, there are 2 textile shows on which I'm very much looking forward to. Hopefully we can meet up at the show at Aintree in May though :-)
    Anne xx

  5. Amazing... I dod exactly the same as Anne( L. Lou). Glad to see you back again and hope you do well in your exam. Have a great time at Art from the Heart too and show us the evidence too!
    JoZarty xxx Hope to see you at Aintree and Port Sunny too.